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What They Are Saying About My Books


The Effective Interpreting Series

  • After we incorporated these texts into our curriculum, eight out of nine students passed the boards — a marked improvement compared to previous graduating classes. The skills acquired from these materials really gave students that extra edge needed to experience success.

    • Lauri E. Metcalf
    • Former Department Chairperson, Department of ASL, and Interpreting Training, San Antonio College
  • The Effective Interpreting Series trainings offered by Dr. Patrie for both Video Interpreters and Professional Development trainers and staff at Sorenson Communications has proven to be invaluable. The texts, DVDs, and Dr. Patrie's teachings have had a wide circle of influence on a national level through the trainings we have offered and will continue to offer.

    • Amy Kalmus
    • Former National Director of Professional Development, Sorenson Communications
  • Carol Patrie's Effective Interpreting Series describes and analyzes the process of translation and interpretation so that the student can learn to look at their work critically and specifically, in order to improve its accuracy and dynamic equivalence. The books in this series are great for independent study projects for CEUs. Check them out!.

    • Christine Smith
    • Former Coordinator, Sign Language Interpreter Program, GA Perimeter College
  • The Effective Interpreting Series works! Students can immediately put into practice what they've just learned. The series is a truly exciting development for future professionals.

    • Tracie Spingarn
    • MA, CI/CT
  • The Effective Interpreting Series has truly enhanced interpreter education. The research information in each workbook is remarkable. Additionally, the interpreting exercises provide teaching tools to help students succeed. The step-by-step approaches used in the workbooks are one of the best tools for interpreter education.The Effective Interpreting Series is a treasure and the longer I use it the more treasures I find.

    • Carolyn Ball, PhD
    • Executive Director, VRS Interpreting Institute (VRSII)
  • Finally! A book series, based in research, that provides innovative teaching/learning modules for interpreter education.
    I love the videos made for this series; they offer a direct match to the skills being taught and are presented in natural language.
    Thank you, Dr. Patrie, for creating this series. Using EIS allows me to teach with a flipped-classroom and affords me more one-on-one time with my students.

    • Program Coordinator, ASL-English Interpreting, Mount Aloysius College
  • Dr. Patrie's "Simultaneous Interpreting from ASL" provides an essential theoretical foundation, a scaffolding of practice activities, and quality source videos that guide the learner in mastering the interpreting process. One of the most beneficial components to this textbook is the strong emphasis on self-analysis and determination of interpretation equivalence.

    • M. Josiah Fehlauer, MS, NIC, OKRID MAL
    • Instructor of Interpreting; Tulsa Community College

Fingerspelled Word Recognition (RSVP)

  • Revolutionary … groundbreaking approach … a must have!

    • Kathy MacMillan
    • RID Views
  • This is the answer we've been waiting for! Never again will there be that helpless feeling of "Oh! My! Here comes a fingerspelled word! Where can I hide?" … Finally an approach that delivers more than it promises! You will build skill, confidence and excitement as you see the effects of this training become a part of your own powerful repertoire of competencies!

    • Sharon Neumann Solow, MA, CSC, SC:L
    • Interpreter • Educator • Consultant
  • RSVP provides a missing piece that assists in improving skills. I’m looking forward to including this very welcomed addition to my curriculum.

    • Brian R. Morrison, M.ED, CI, CT
    • Assistant professor and program coordinator Community College of Philadelphia
  • I wholeheartedly endorse this system for enhancing fingerspelling recognition skills

    • Bridget Sabatke
    • St. Catherine’s University
  • This book will change the way that signers and interpreters learn how to fingerspell forever! The effective strategies are a major breakthrough for training The practical approaches in the book are clearly written and easy to follow, which makes for a wonderful way to practice fingerspelled word recognition!

    • Carolyn Ball, Ph.D.
    • VRS Interpreting Institute (VRSII)
  • I have always told students and interpreters that "Fingerspelling is the first thing you learn and the last thing to master!" With Carol's work with RSVP the challenging task of comprehending fingerspellng becomes much more attainable.

    • Lauri Metcalf
    • Former Department Chairperson, Department of ASL, and Interpreting Training, San Antonio College
  • I believe every IEP in the country should have Carol present her materials on fingerspelling. I feel I really benefitted by attending Carol’s seminars, on fingerspelled word recognition and The Effective Interpreting Series. and will highly recommend them wherever I can.

    • Joyce Linden
  • Thank you so much for your scholarship and incredible research work developing this approach. I learned so much from the book and was excited by the improvements I've already seen in my receptive fingerspelling skills. I'm glad to be able to recommend this program to colleagues and novice interpreters, and dispel so many myths that we were all taught

    • Nicky Gillies
  • I am grateful to Dawn Sign Press and the authors of Fingerspelled Word Recognition through Rapid Serial Visual Presentation textbook/DVD. These tools proved beneficial in my grasping a visual comprehension of fingerspelled ASL words. NowI see them using visual templates that can be relied upon for future retrieval. I am not a computer gamer. However, RSVP has become my computer game of choice! It is challenging to see how well I can go through the list of words as they flash on the computer screen. The amazing thing is how the words somehow are imprinted from your eyes to your recognition without you actually realizing it has occurred. Who knew?

    • Betty J. Richardson
  • Quality resources are essential for bettering one's practice. Carol Patrie's are among the best.

    • Josiah Fehlauer
  • I was a little apprehensive going into the FS class because I mistakenly thought, "I already know how to FS." I can honestly say I am so glad I did. Upon completion of the FS class and watching the DVD, I am able to better understand when another person uses FS and am not having to ask them to spell words again. It was well worth the time to take this class and watch the DVD.

  • After taking the Fingerspelling course at Reynolds Community College, I feel more confident in my ability to comprehend fingerspelled words in ASL. I was able to see my confidence increase as the words became more complex. As words came up a second or third time throughout the lessons, I was able to recognize them much more quickly.

    • Christine Barnes
  • Had I been exposed to RSVP at the start, wow what a difference that would’ve made! I practiced the RSVP lessons daily for two months and it made a huge impact in building my skill, not only in FS recognition but understanding rapid signers. The monologues are wonderful as having varied M/F signing models to see really helps.

    • Lori Levingston