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What Participants Are Saying About My Seminars


The Effective Interpreting Series

  • Just greatly appreciate hearing directly from the author. I feel much more equipped to teach these materials and also intend to practice them myself. Carol was engaging informative and unpretentious. To learn from a pioneer in our field is in immeasurable blessing. Thanks Carol! Thanks Jen!

  • This workshop was the best one I have ever been to that is why I gave it all fives. I would come again if Carol came back and as a result of this workshop I will encourage others to attend workshops at CCAC and will encourage others to go to Carol's workshops.

  • AMAZING workshop presenter and information! Very organized and relevant. the books were A very important part of the training and I am so grateful to have them!

  • Great workshop! As always the pace of this workshop with the pauses for reflection white space time for review and beautiful PowerPoint slides really create an environment that encourages reflection and is introvert friendly.

  • Loved the pace the discussion and comfortable space to ask questions 🙂 Thanks for all the materials AND the information on how to use them.

  • This workshop far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Carol Patrie is an amazing presenter. All of her info was relevant and engaging. I love that she allowed time to let the knowledge and new concepts sink in. She was very respectful to questions comments and discussion. She was also very clear. I feel I have a much better understanding of how to lead other people into the interpreting profession.

  • Thank you so much for all of your work in the field and for sharing!

  • Excellent presentation which included much needed clarification and identification of key areas lacking in interpreter education and working interpreters as well. Loved the free materials!

  • Presenter was open to questions and very knowledgeable in the content. Wonderful feedback and suggestions. I love that each book can be used for further CEUs by independent study. Outstanding! 🙂

  • This is the best workshop that I ever attended. This will revolutionize our program and help us coordinate our teaching to common goals especially now that we all have a common understanding and process.

  • The pace was perfect and allowed for maximum learning. White space and serene photos gave in short respite to absorb info. Carol is an outstanding presenter. The curriculum is very user-friendly and will benefit our future interpreters.

  • I am so grateful for the work you have done in making things doable –not over simplified and not so complex it is unattainable. Carol is a master teacher.

    • Amanda Smith
  • The attention to details for educators and mentors in this series is thoughtful, meticulous and through. This is a landmark compilation by a master teacher.

    • Catherine Thomas
  • Thank you so much for your contributions to the field of interpreting and interpreter education! Your series is a treasure map to the mysterious cognitive process of transferring meaning between ASL and English. It provides a vital and otherwise missing template for interpreter educators and students.

    • Vicki Darden
  • As a practicing professional for the last 18 years, I have been searing for ways to continue learning to the same degree I did as an undergraduate student. This training is intense, challenging, yet achievable. Carol, you have provided me with what I have been wanting and I say ‘Thank You’

    • S.S
  • The Effective Interpreting Series is an updated, data-driven curriculum and is an integral foundation to any interpreter education program. What Carol Patrie has brought to fruition through her lifetime of hard work is sorely needed to kick-start the profession of interpreting into this new millennium. These resources benefit budding interpreters and seasoned working interpreters.

    • Bob LoParo
  • This has been one of the best trainings I have attended. The depth of the material and the way Carol guides the discussion were excellent. She presents the material in an digestible way. She allows us mental breaks to allow the new information to ‘marinate.’ She models excellent adult education methods.

  • The Effective Interpreting Series workshop was an eye opening experience as a new instructor in realizing the deliberate practice and scaffolding process is needed to become ‘effective.

    • Angie ...

Fingerspelled Word Recognition (RSVP)

  • So wonderful and informative. Very appreciative to Carol and DawnSign. Thank you so much!

  • Amazing workshop! Clear and to the point. Love Carol Patrie's presentation style-time to let info sink in. I have a great grasp of the book-how to use it and it's purposes. What a great weekend!

  • Thank you so much. My anxiety level has decreased nearly 100 fold!! (Whew)

  • Carol was awesome presenter allowing fingerspelling comprehension to become so much easier and less stressful. Great workshop!

  • Awesome workshop!

  • Presenter clearly and precisely defined minutes; demystified the structure/process; depicted deliberate practice strategies in an insightful presentation.

  • This workshop will benefit me in my work. What a tremendous amount of work Carol did!

  • Loved the presenter and learned a lot!

  • Very helpful! Wish I would have had this when I first started!

  • This gave me amazing material to strengthen my skills at home.

  • Amazing content. Many AHA moments! Motivated to go home, engage and deliberate practice, become "eminent" and pass on to students. ONE feedback - projection was too small/blurry.

  • Great workshop. Carol's pace and style were outstanding as always - GREAT overall.

  • I enjoyed the format of the presentation. It was easy to stay engaged during the workshop. I am looking forward to reading the RSVP book as well as do the practice exercises on the CD and DVD. Carol Patrie is a wonderful presenter. She is low-key, engaging and really knows her stuff. I respect her research and the way she has organized and structured her material.

  • I believe every IEP in the country should have her presentation to better know how to use Carol’s materials on fingerspelling. Or, better yet, send her everywhere to make presentations with strong encouragement for programs to send representatives there to bring the information back to other instructors.

  • I feel I really benefitted by attending the Seminars, and will highly recommend both EIS and RSVP seminars whenever I can.

    • Joyce Linden