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Carol J. Patrie PhD

The Effective Interpreting Series


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The pyramid appearing on this page shows the relationships between the components of The Effective Interpreting Series (EIS). The foundation of the EIS and effective interpreting itself, is language proficiency in both ASL (including fingerspelled word recognition) and English. Language proficiency in turn, provides a foundation for Cognitive Processing. These first two layers focus exclusively on developing skills within each language. Taking time to develop intralingual skills, whether you are a new or seasoned interpreter, paves the way to more complex interlingual skills such as translation or interpretation as you move your way up the pyramid. Many experienced interpreters tell me that they appreciate having the opportunity to study intralingual skills and gain insight into their own processes.

The video accompanying each volume is carefully keyed to the corresponding text, study questions and The Five-Step Follow Up, which guides you through examining your own work and helps you find ways to improve. Download this Quick Start Guidefor more information.

The Effective Interpreting Series can be used as part of a formal curriculum, as is currently the case in many interpreter education programs nationwide. The series can also be used independently to earn CEUs for the RID Certification Maintenance. Carol is an approved RID CMP sponsor. Contact her for details to arrange an Independent Study.