Effective Interpreting Inc.
Carol J. Patrie PhD

Sample Course Syllabi

Note to teachers: These sample syllabi in PDF format are for 14-week, 3 credit semester courses, and assume class meetings of 3 hours per week either in one session, or two sessions of 90 minutes each or some other combination resulting in 45 contact hours. Feel free to adapt them to your needs including adding specific dates, additional assignments and evaluations. Insert your own contact information, office hours, grading policy, rubric, and other items as required by your department or university.

Sample Syllabi For The Effective Interpreting Series:

English Skills Development

ASL Skills Development

Cognitive Processing Skills in English

Cognitive Processing Skills in ASL

Translating from English

Translating from ASL

Consecutive Interpreting from English

Consecutive Interpreting from ASL

Simultaneous Interpreting from English

Simultaneous Interpreting from ASL


Sample Syllabus for Fingerspelled Word Recognition through Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP)