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The Effective Interpreting Series

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Seminars on the use of The Effective Interpreting Series are available in a variety of formats ranging from a one-day overview to a two or three-day in-depth training.

Topics Include:

  • Using EIS more effectively
  • Incorporating EIS into existing curricula
  • Strengthening intralingual skills
  • The importance of translation
  • Building interpreting competency
  • Self-analysis


  • All seminars are a combination of lecture, discussion and practical application
  • Each session can be geared to the needs of teachers or interpreters.

Download a sample EIS syllabus … here

Fingerspelled Word Recognition (RSVP)


This one-day seminar on RSVP shows you how to begin using RSVP and improve your understanding of fingerspelled words.

Topics Include:

  • How to rapidly process visual information
  • How the RSVP helps word recognition skills
  • Building word templates
  • Reducing anxiety
  • How to use RSVP on your own
    • Format:

      • The presentation includes lecture, discussion and practical application.
      • Each session can be geared to the needs of teachers, interpreters and students.

      Download a sample RSVP syllabus … here

All Seminars can be offered at a location convenient to you.
To arrange a training seminar:
Contact Carol at effectiveinterpretinginc@gmail.com