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Language Proficiency

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English Skills Development

English Skills Development
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ASL Skills Development

ASL Skills Development
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Download a sample syllabus for English Skills Development
Download a sample syllabus for ASL Skills Development

Effective interpreters must have highly developed skills in the languages with which they work. ASL Skills Development and English Skills Development are powerful tools, especially when used in combination, that provide access to meaningful exercises related directly to strengthening language proficiency.

Both volumes include the following topics:

  • Form and Meaning
  • Main idea
  • Summarizing
  • Lexical Substitution
  • Paraphrasing

The strong emphasis on ASL comprehension makes ASL Skill Development a valuable addition to advanced ASL classes as well as beginning level interpreting classes.

Designed for educators, interpreting students and working interpreters, each volume is offered in two formats: a Student Study Set or a Teacher's Guide. The Teacher's Guide contains all the material that the Study Set contains, plus added features including examples of appropriate responses to the questions in the student's workbook and tips for teaching. Working interpreters, through independent study, can earn up to two CEU's for each volume.

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