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"The Effective Interpreting Series trainings offered by Dr. Patrie for both Video Interpreters and Professional Development trainers and staff at Sorenson Communications has proven to be invaluable. The texts, DVDs, and Dr. Patrie's teachings have had a wide circle of influence on a national level through the trainings we have offered and will continue to offer."

Amy Kalmus, National Director of Professional Development, Sorenson Communications

"The Effective Interpreting Series has truly enhanced interpreter education. The research information in each workbook is remarkable. Additionally, the interpreting exercises provide teaching tools to help students succeed. The step-by-step approaches used in the workbooks are one of the best tools for interpreter education. The Effective Interpreting Series is a treasure and the longer I use it the more treasures I find."

Carolyn Ball, PhD, Executive Director, VRS Interpreting Institute (VRSII)

"The Effective Interpreting Series works! Students can immediately put into practice what they've just learned. The series is a truly exciting development for future professionals."

Tracie Spingarn, MA, CI/CT

"After we incorporated these texts into our curriculum, eight out of nine students passed the boards - a marked improvement compared to previous graduating classes. The skills acquired from these materials really gave students that extra edge needed to experience success."

Lauri E. Metcalf, Department Chairperson, Department of ASL, and Interpreting Training, San Antonio College

"Carol Patrie's Effective Interpreting Series describes and analyzes the process of translation and interpretation so that the student can learn to look at their work critically and specifically, in order to improve its accuracy and dynamic equivalence. The books in this series are great for independent study projects for CEUs. Check them out!"

Christine Smith, former Coordinator, Sign Language Interpreter Program, GA Perimeter College

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